Interviewed for podcast: “Is it worth voting?”

By Warwick Smith

I was interviewed by Abla George for the first of a new podcast series InformMyOpinion. The topic, “is it worth voting?”, was prompted by record levels of disengagement in politics in the UK in the leadup to this weekend’s election. It’s an important topic that I tackled in a three part series in The Guardian last year.

You can stream or download the podcast here.

For parochial friends and family who just want to hear my bit, it’s at about the 36 minute mark, though I recomend listening to the whole thing.

My writing is taking a brief break while I prepare for next week’s federal budget lockup where I’ll be part of the team from The Conversation. The following Saturday (16th May) I’ll be speaking at Talking Justice 2015 in Bendigo about “lifters and leaners” and then on a discussion panel with Eva Cox, Professor Mick Dodson and Ken Marchingo.

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