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There is a fix for house prices – but Victoria has missed its opportunity again

By Warwick Smith This article was originally published at The Age on 2 May 2017. Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas’ 2017/18 budget contains a handful of measures aimed at improving housing affordability, including exempting first home buyers from stamp duty for … Continue reading

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How about three-day weekends in exchange for working until 70? – The Age

First published in The Age. March 10, 2016 Warwick Smith Most of us would be happy to work a few years longer if it meant a shorter working week. Australians today get more leisure time than past generations, but most … Continue reading

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Cynical workforce participation policy forces solo parents into ranks of unemployed – The Age

By Warwick Smith First published at The Age The Turnbull government is peddling workforce participation nonsense. Some things have changed under the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull. Many things haven’t. When it comes to employment, the government continues to “push on … Continue reading

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Joe Hockey’s unscripted moments of truth reveal what the Government really thinks – The Age

By Warwick Smith Originally published by The AgeĀ onĀ September 3, 2015 – 12:17PM. Talk of throwing Hockey to the wolves is worrying. After all, it’s his slip-of-the-truth lines that give us a glimpse of the Government’s real agenda: only the rich … Continue reading

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Great article by Tim Thornton in today’s Age on the problems with economics education

I couldn’t agree more with what Tim writes here. Having a background in science when I studied undergraduate economics at the University of Melbourne I was shocked by the uncritical adherence to flawed assumptions that was taught to undergraduates and … Continue reading

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Op-ed in The Age: Treasurer’s agenda running out of truth

This article originally appeared in The Age. Treasurer’s agenda running out of truth by Warwick Smith Joe Hockey has been talking non-stop about how the country is running out of money for Medicare, for the ABC, for welfare and for … Continue reading

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