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Joe Hockey is beginning to understand not all taxes are created equal – The Guardian

By Warwick Smith Originally published at The Guardian. The treasurer’s endorsement of land tax in South Australia is an encouraging move away from his general opposition to taxation Joe Hockey recently said “I don’t like higher taxes; I am philosophically … Continue reading

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His solutions are wrong, but it’s a good sign when even Rupert Murdoch is worried about inequality

It would be a mistake to dismiss Murdoch’s concerns about inequality as nothing more than self-interest. It’s a victory for advocates of regulated markets. By Warwick Smith First published at The Guardian, Tuesday 28 October 2014 16.00 AEST Rupert Murdoch … Continue reading

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My article in today’s Guardian – The United States of Australia?

Are we witnessing the emergence of the United States of Australia? Australia can have its cake and eat it too, because a healthy and materially secure population will repay enormous economic dividends. Instead, we’re going further down the US pathin … Continue reading

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Op-ed in The Age: Treasurer’s agenda running out of truth

This article originally appeared in The Age. Treasurer’s agenda running out of truth by Warwick Smith Joe Hockey has been talking non-stop about how the country is running out of money for Medicare, for the ABC, for welfare and for … Continue reading

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Want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Pay more tax.

The consistently measured and sensible Ken Henry this week criticised both major parties for promising not to raise taxes. The Labor party has promised not to increase the total federal government tax take beyond 23.5% and the Coalition have promised … Continue reading

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