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Abbott’s love of coal is holding us back on emissions targets – The Drum

Originally published at The Drum (ABC). By Warwick Smith Posted 11 Aug 2015, 4:23pm A larger emissions reduction target would have come at very little additional cost to GDP, but it would have involved the loss of jobs in the … Continue reading

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What will you lose when the carbon bubble bursts?

By Warwick Smith Last week I attended a panel discussion on whether or not the bursting of the carbon bubble would cause the next global financial crisis. The event was organised by the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and … Continue reading

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To attack rather than build is now the norm, but the Coalition’s negative campaigning is backfiring

Attacking a policy simply because it is open to attack can result in painting yourself into an awkward policy corner First published in The Guardian Friday 7 November 2014 By Warwick Smith The Abbott led federal opposition in Australia was … Continue reading

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My latest at The Guardian questions the value of pursuing economic growth at all costs

Do we dare to question economic growth? We’ve all been so effectively sold the line that endless growth is essential to maintain and improve our quality of life. This couldn’t be further from the truth By Warwick Smith First published … Continue reading

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The perils of the last human – by Warwick Smith in New Philosopher magazine

Issue # 5 of New Philosopher is out today and in it is my piece about what we can learn from Nietzsche about modern political economy and climate change. For those of you who don’t know it, New Philosopher magazine … Continue reading

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Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists – The Guardian

Originally published in The Guardian. Please go here to read the original. Economists are refuting the three big picture claims made by the government: 1) We have a budget emergency 2) We have a debt crisis and 3) The carbon … Continue reading

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Coal or bust: How Abbott is stranding Australia

By Warwick Smith Originally published at Independent Australia The Abbott government appears intent on dismantling the small but vibrant renewable energy industry in Australia. At the very moment when the rest of the world is coming to their senses about … Continue reading

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Tony Abbot the conservationist

By Warwick Smith Despite once infamously stating that the science behind human induced climate change was “absolute crap”, Tony Abbott has since publicly accepted that climate change really is happening and that he wants to do something about it. Last … Continue reading

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Great article by Bob Douglas

This article highlights how broken our political process is and provides a critical example of how issues that both major parties agree on (or ignore) are virtually removed from democratic scrutiny. I wrote an article related to this one in … Continue reading

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Want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Pay more tax.

The consistently measured and sensible Ken Henry this week criticised both major parties for promising not to raise taxes. The Labor party has promised not to increase the total federal government tax take beyond 23.5% and the Coalition have promised … Continue reading

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