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RN Breakfast interview on stamp duties and land taxes

States try tax reform to fix housing affordability On RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly I was interviewed by Max Chalmers for this segment on RN Breakfast about the transfer from stamp duties to land tax that is happening in the … Continue reading

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Doughnut economics article turned into a podcast episode

I was asked to read my Conversation article, that was also republished by the ABC and The New Daily, for an episode of the Climactic podcast.

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Stay in the doughnut, not the hole: how to get out of the crisis with both our economy and environment intact

pxfuel, CC BY Warwick Smith, University of Melbourne Before the recession we were on a collision course with environmental disaster. The recovery provides a rare opportunity to do things differently; to rebuild a better economy that can support living standards … Continue reading

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What I Never Understood Until I Became A Househusband – 10daily

By Warwick Smith Another article published at 10daily last year that I want to keep a record of in case the site gets taken down. (Note: I didn’t choose to use the word “househusband” in the title, that was the … Continue reading

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To Fight The IMF’s Dire Prediction We Need More Government Debt – 10 daily

By Warwick Smith This article was first published on April 15 2020 at 10daily, which has since shut down. I’m reproducing it here now partly to keep a record in case the web site ceases to exist. Update: the 10daily … Continue reading

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The coronavirus response calls into question the future of super

  Brendel/Unsplash, CC BY-NC Warwick Smith, University of Melbourne This article was first published in The Conversation. Understandably, given we are in a crisis, the government has baulked at including superannuation contributions in the A$140 billion worth of $1,500 per … Continue reading

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Interviewed for ABC Podcast ‘The Signal’. How the dole bludger was born.

I was interviewed about the history of unemployment in Australia and, more specifically, the history of how Australia has treated unemployed workers. We haven’t always been so punitive. For about 25 years after WW2 unemployment was seen as a collective … Continue reading

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History of unemployment in Australia: Uncommon Sense 3RRR

I was interviewed by Amy Mullins for her terrific show Uncommon Sense. This show is rare in that it spends substantial time on subjects, really getting into some of the nuance and complexity behind the headlines and slogans. We spoke … Continue reading

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How our economy is like an out of control AI

By Warwick Smith | 8 September 2019, 12:30pm First published at Independent Australia Humans, individually, can be incredibly brilliant but collectively we’re often puzzlingly stupid. To take a simple, uncontroversial example, we know that forests are critical for our survival. … Continue reading

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A failure of collective intelligence

By Warwick Smith An essay I wrote has won second prize in New Philosopher magazine’s latest writer’s prize and has been published in the magazine. As I did with my last New Philosopher essay, I’ll probably publish this in another … Continue reading

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