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Australia flying blind

By Warwick Smith Originally published at the Australian Independent Media Network In this article Warwick Smith reports why the decision by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to discontinue many programs including the Measures of Australia’s Progress due to budgetary demands, is … Continue reading

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Great article by Tim Thornton in today’s Age on the problems with economics education

I couldn’t agree more with what Tim writes here. Having a background in science when I studied undergraduate economics at the University of Melbourne I was shocked by the uncritical adherence to flawed assumptions that was taught to undergraduates and … Continue reading

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New article in The Conversation: More pie in the sky – economic progress no slice of life

Originally published in The Conversation. More pie in the sky – economic progress no slice of life By Warwick Smith, University of Melbourne In the verbal volley between Gillard and Abbott, Swan and Hockey, there is a conversation that we … Continue reading

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