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Guest appearance on Radio Roundup – Main FM

On Friday night I was the guest of Radio Roundup‘s Rusty Nails and Ben Boyang where we spent an hour talking about money. We covered a lot of territory including money creation, interest rates, real estate prices, quantitative easing and … Continue reading

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The perils of the last human – by Warwick Smith in New Philosopher magazine

Issue # 5 of New Philosopher is out today and in it is my piece about what we can learn from Nietzsche about modern political economy and climate change. For those of you who don’t know it, New Philosopher magazine … Continue reading

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‘Venditio’ by John Locke

This hard to find short essay by John Locke is very surprising in its brief yet sophisticated thinking with respect to market prices and morality. I put it here mostly as a reference for others who may struggle to find … Continue reading

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Budget vision

By Warwick Smith No other event equals the release of a federal budget for a clear statement of what the government really intends for the country. Almost everything else they do is smoke and mirrors. The budget tells us who … Continue reading

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Great article by Tim Thornton in today’s Age on the problems with economics education

I couldn’t agree more with what Tim writes here. Having a background in science when I studied undergraduate economics at the University of Melbourne I was shocked by the uncritical adherence to flawed assumptions that was taught to undergraduates and … Continue reading

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My Op-ed on productivity in today’s Canberra Times

Longer hours means lower productivity for the public service Originally published in The Canberra Times Date: May 6, 2014 Warwick Smith Job security in the public service is declining and conditions are under assault. Recently we’ve heard the federal government … Continue reading

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Resource rent tax – radio interview

I recently appeared on “On the money” on 2ser in Sydney (and other stations around the country through the community radio network).  I was explaining what a resource rent tax was and how it worked. As usual with this topic, … Continue reading

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