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Trump: from crisis comes opportunity

17 November 2016 By Warwick Smith Originally published at Per Capita Australia The forward march of the neoliberal consensus had for decades appeared to be unstoppable. Somehow the wealthy elite managed to hoodwink us into believing that competition was the … Continue reading

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Too old to work, too young to die – The Monthly

Pension changes, age discrimination and workplace automation are driving older Australians into poverty BY WARWICK SMITH First published in The Monthly Friday, 30th September 2016 The first of October is the International Day of Older Persons. The United Nations want … Continue reading

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The budget is the greatest moral challenge of our time? Bollocks

  By Warwick Smith All the assertions in Malcolm Turnbull’s statement about the budget being a fundamental moral challenge are flawed. Let’s look at them one at a time This article was originally published in The Guardian. The prime minister, Malcolm … Continue reading

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2ser radio Sydney interview on the government’s PaTH internship program

I was on 2ser’s Sunday night program The Mix this week talking about the budget and, in particular, the government’s new Prepare-Trial-Hire (PaTH) program for youth unemployment. You can listen to the program on the link below. My contribution starts … Continue reading

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What the government wants us to do – and not do – based on the budget – The Conversation

Warwick Smith, University of Melbourne Budgets are a good opportunity to see through the spin to what the government really wants. Forget the Treasurer’s speech and the budget overview, the truth is in the measures themselves. Generally things the government … Continue reading

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The Coalition has boxed itself into a ridiculous corner on tax – The Drum

OPINION Originally published in The Drum By Warwick Smith Posted 18 Mar 2016, 10:47am According to the Coalition, we can’t raise taxes nor introduce new taxes. And if cutting expenditure is off the table following the dire experience of the … Continue reading

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How about three-day weekends in exchange for working until 70? – The Age

First published in The Age. March 10, 2016 Warwick Smith Most of us would be happy to work a few years longer if it meant a shorter working week. Australians today get more leisure time than past generations, but most … Continue reading

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