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Australia flying blind

By Warwick Smith Originally published at the Australian Independent Media Network In this article Warwick Smith reports why the decision by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to discontinue many programs including the Measures of Australia’s Progress due to budgetary demands, is … Continue reading

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War crimes in Iraq

By Warwick Smith As the recent news from Iraq refocuses our attention on the basket case that we, the invaders, left behind, it’s an appropriate time to re-examine our decision to invade in 2003. In any kind of objective examination … Continue reading

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Tony Abbot the conservationist

By Warwick Smith Despite once infamously stating that the science behind human induced climate change was “absolute crap”, Tony Abbott has since publicly accepted that climate change really is happening and that he wants to do something about it. Last … Continue reading

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‘Venditio’ by John Locke

This hard to find short essay by John Locke is very surprising in its brief yet sophisticated thinking with respect to market prices and morality. I put it here mostly as a reference for others who may struggle to find … Continue reading

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