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Political donations and the destruction of democratic scrutiny

This is an expanded version of an article originally published at The Guardian. By Warwick Smith Published by the Transnational Insitute. Abstract Many corporations donate to both sides of politics. One of the reasons they do this is to ensure … Continue reading

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Interview on economic rent taxes on Sydney’s 2ser breakfast radio

This morning I was on 2ser‘s breakfast program with Mitch Byatt discussing the proposal in my recent Conversation article that we should be increasing taxes on economic rent (unearned income). As usual with such a subject much of the interview … Continue reading

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Guardian article on economic myths

Repeat after me: the Australian economy is not like a household budget By Warwick Smith Originally published at The Guardian. Our political and economic thinking has been warped by bad analogies to the point where we can’t see the real … Continue reading

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Tax economic rent, not productive activity – The Conversation

How’s this for fundamental tax reform? Target the rentseekers By Warwick Smith, University of Melbourne Tax is back in the spotlight with coalition MPs and the Australia Institute talking about getting rid of some of the exemptions to the GST. … Continue reading

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A Mea Culpa and Some Comments on MMT and Fiat Currency Economics

It has recently been pointed out to me that some of my writing on monetary economics has not given proper attribution to the intellectual tradition behind the ideas that I present and that this gives the impression that these are … Continue reading

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